Tools | Illustrator, Android Studio

Duration | 1 month

Areas | UI/UX, Graphic Design

Asset 16.png

Crate is a collaborative project created over the course of three weeks with two other students in my Mobile App Development class. My role in this project was to create the app concept, as well as designing the user interface and mockup designs.

The idea of Crate was formed after discussions me and some old friends had about the state of music streaming. We had come to a mutual agreement that there seems to be a lack of social integration on some of the most popular music streaming apps. Music is often a community experience; people like to share and discuss their favorite albums. Crate is intended to create a community in music that is lacking in both music streaming and social media services. Just like the crates in a record store, users have the ability to discover new music, share their favorites, and chat with others in a social setting.

A design feature we thought was important was giving the album covers a spotlight of their own. When crate-digging for new music, the album cover is often the first impression one has of an album, and we believed this was an important element to include in music discovery. This also allows for the user to navigate the app with ease, as each post is clearly differentiated from the others.

The layout of our app was intended to give users quick access to music their friends have shared. We decided on a vertical feed similar to Instagram, so they can listen through many snippets of music in a short amount of time. When they find a song that interests them, liking the post will save this to their archive.


Erin McCarty 2021.