Erin Radio 2020

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Erin Radio is a weekly "radio" station I update every Wednesday. This playlist covers newly released music, old lost gems, the cutting edge, or the underground. One of my other greatest passions is music, so this started as a way to personally encourage myself to branch out and discover new artists.  Eventually, this spread to some friends, and has become a small little community for me to share new songs with my friends and connect over music.

This poster for Erin Radio 2020 was created using Illustrator. My attempt was to unify old historic artifacts into the future and beyond. This was meant to reflect the contents of the playlist, as it often has a mix of old and brand new music for people to discover. With the start of the year, Erin Radio had a rebranding towards a space-theme to reflect the start of the new decade. Images can be credited to the NASA Historic Image Archive.